Fungal Meningitis From Steroid Injections – Update

The reports of fungal meningitis linked to a steroid methylprednisolone acetate injected into back pain patients continue to increase.

It now appears that some 47 patients in seven states have contracted the disease but it is almost certain that the number infected patients will increase.  The public health officials of some 23 states have recovered potentially tainted steroid vials and are in the process of notifying patients that they may have received contaminated steroids.  Seventy-five different facilities were shipped the steroid solution.

To date, the deaths of five people have been linked to the substance.

The injections were prepared by a company called the New England Compounding Center ("NECC"), a compounding pharmacy in Framington, Massachusetts. NECC surrendered its license. Compounded products like the steroids involved in these cases are not reviewed by FDA for safety, efficacy, and quality prior to marketing.

Anyone who has had an epidural injection during the relevant period and who experiences any symptom of meningitis is urged to contact his or her doctor immediately.

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