Drunk Driving Continues To Be Leading Cause of Wrong-Way Accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board describes wrong-way accidents as the most serious type of accident on the highway with fatality rates higher than any other types of accidents. More than half and possibly as high as three-quarters of all wrong-way accidents are alcohol-related. In fact, 9% of wrong-way drivers had been convicted of a DUI or DWI within 3 years of the wrong-way accident. 

On average, 360 lives are lost each year due to wrong-way driving. Most wrong way accidents happen at night and on weekends. The most typical origin of the wrong-way driver is entering an exit ramp, but U-turns are also a common originating factor. And the most dangerous lane to be in for wrong-way accidents? The lane closest to the median.  

If you or a loved one was injured in a wrong-way accident, one of our award-winning lawyers can help. While the wrong-way driver is almost certainly at fault, others may share in responsibility for the accident. For instance, did a restaurant or bar over serve the driver such that a liquor liability claim is appropriate? Or did a construction company fail to install appropriate signage to help drivers ascertain the proper traffic route? 

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