Does My Employer Have To Pay My Medical Bills If I Get Hurt On The Job?

I am a truck driver  with a big trucking company in Clarksville, Tennessee.  I hurt my back unloading a truck.  The doctor says that I need an MRI but my boss says they are too expensive.  Does my employer have to pay for the MRI? 

If the company doctor says you need a particular test or treatment, you are almost certainly entitled to it.  Employers are obligated to pay all reasonable medical care for employees who are hurt on the job. It will be very hard to argue that he doctor selected by your employer to care for you has unreasonably suggested that you need a MRI.

An experienced worker’s compensation attorney can help you get the medical care you deserve and, if you have a long-term problem as a result of your injury, help you receive benefits for permanent partial disability. 

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