Doctor Operates on Wrong Body Part

Wrong-site surgeries happen with alarming frequency.   Wrong-site mistakes can arise several ways, such as mixing up the left and right sides of the body; operating on a patient who was accidentally given test results belonging to someone else; marking the incorrect vertebrae in spinal surgery; neglecting to mark the operative site at all.  All of these are errors which can be avoided by reasonable care.

The victim of a wrong-site surgery has a medical negligence claim under Tennessee law.   Often, both the surgeon and the facility where the error occurred will have financial responsibility for the mistake.

The challenge in these cases is proving what injuries occurred from the mistake.   For instance, in knee cases, sometimes that surgeon will testify that he or she did operate on the wrong knee but that that knee needed the operation, too.

The lawyers at the Law Office of John Day, P.C. have successfully represented victims of wrong-site surgery.  We offer free consultation and will be happy to explain what rights you have in your situation.

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