Do I Have to Give A Statement to The Insurance Adjuster?

You have no legal obligation to give a statement about the events giving rise to a Tennessee automobile, truck or motorcycle accident to the adjuster to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  We typically recommend that our clients do not give such a statement, especially before they are prepared by one of our lawyers on how to give a proper statement.

We are not suggesting that we ever permit a client (or a witness) to change his or her testimony.  Nor to encourage a client (or witness) to do so.  But preparation for a recorded statement (and they are almost always recorded) greatly reduces the chance of an error that can harm the case.

On the other hand, you probably do have a contractual obligation to give a statement to your own insurance company.  Your insurance policy probably requires you to do so.  Once again, it is best that you seek the advice and help of a lawyer before giving the statement.  

Why should you be concerned about giving a statement to your own insurance company?  Because if you assert a claim arising out of your accident and the at-fault driver does not have sufficient insurance to compensate you for your injuries and losses your insurance company’s Tennessee uninsured / under-insured insurance coverage may be available to you.  Which means that your insurance company is potentially adverse to you.  That is, your insurance company may actually be working against you as you attempt to collect money for your injuries and losses.

Once again, it would be inappropriate for any lawyer to encourage you to change your testimony and we would never do that.  What we can do is prepare you to give an accurate account of what happened in the accident and how those injuries have impacted your life.  Appropriate preparation can make a significant difference in the value of your case.

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