Deaths from Tennessee Car and Truck Accidents Decline

Tennessee has seen a decline in the number of deaths from car and truck accidents.

Recently released statistics reveal that the number of people killed on Tennessee roads decreased from 1032 in 2010 to 946 in 2011, a drop of almost 9%.

Traffic fatalities were down in most counties in Middle Tennessee.  In fact, the only counties that saw in an increase in the number of deaths in traffic accidents were Williamson County (up 3 from 6  deaths to 9), Wilson County (up 6 deaths from 15 to 21), Rutherford County (an increase in one fatality from 20 to 21), Houston County (a significance increase – from 1 to 3); and Coffee County (deaths doubled from 8 to 16).  Lawrence County reported the biggest increase in traffic deaths in terms of raw numbers, from 4 to 14.   Giles County County increased from 7 deaths to 10 and Maury County increased from 10 to 14 fatalities. 

One reason for the decline in deaths may be a decrease in the number of miles given, a combination of a weak economy and lots of unemployment coupled with relatively high gas prices. Statistics indicating the number of miles driven in 2011 will not be available until a later date.

In any event, we can and should enjoy the good news:  traffic deaths in Tennessee are down and thus the tragedy that comes from each death has been avoided.

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