Deadline for Filing Automobile Accident Lawsuits in Tennessee

Tennessee law requires that lawsuits concerning injury claims that arise from automobile accidents must be filed in court no later than one year after the date of the accident.  Thus, the case must be settled, or a lawsuit filed, or the injured person’s rights will be lost.

There are a couple of exceptions to this general rule, but you should not assume that any claim survives the one-year deadline unless a Tennessee automobile accident lawyer familiar with all of the facts tells you that you have more than one year to file suit.

You should not wait one year to seek the advice of a lawyer.  Not only does a lawyer need some amount of time to file suit, but he or she must investigate the merits of the case.  In addition, a delay in hiring lawyer means important evidence can be lost, memories can fade, and thus your case can be adversely affected.  It is recommended that you seek an experienced accident attorney promptly after the accident so that you can fully understand your rights and begin to take the steps to protect those rights.


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