Company Recalls Defective Pool Gates

Nationwide Industries has recalled its Trident Pool Gate because the magnet which secures the gate can come loose resulting in the gate failing to latch.  The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has a picture of the pool gate latch and a full description of the product.  

Pool gates are critical safety devices.  They prevent unintended access of the pool by children or other at-risk individuals.   For children ages 1 to 14, drowning is the second leading cause of death so preventing unintended access is a high priority. 

If you own a pool with a latching pool gate, take a moment and make sure your gate is not affected by the recall.  If you live in a residential complex with a community pool, call or email your property manager to make sure they are aware of the recall and have checked the gate.  If you have a neighbor who has a private pool, do the same thing.  This is especially true if you are the parent of young child. 

We are in the middle of the coldest winter many of us can remember and therefore it is hard to think of pool safety.  But, a pool with a defective gate is a hazard at all times of the year given that many pool owners do not drain their pool in the winter. 

Drowning accidents and near-drowning accidents can have catastrophic effects on the victim and the victim’s family.  Properly-functioning pool gates can help prevent such tragedies. 

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