Child Abuse Exacts Heavy Toll

Child abuse injuries resulted in 4,500 hospitalizations and 300 fatalities in just one year in the United States, researchers from Yale School of Medicine reported in the journal Pediatrics. This is the first study that has quantified abuse severity and how many children ended up in hospital, the authors added. 

The researchers found that 


  • 4,569 kids where admitted to hospital in 2006 because of serious abuse
  • 300 of them did not survive
  • Those at the highest risk of being hospitalized were aged twelve months or less (58.2 per 100,000 kids compared to the average 6.2 per 100,000)

Child abuse can give rise to both criminal and civil liability.  An abuser can be held liable for monetary damages for the harm caused by the abuse, including medical bills, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, lost earning capacity, and loss of enjoyment of life.  Abuse so severe that it causes death of the child can also result in liability for damages.

Ordinarily, a child who is abused must file a lawsuit against the responsible party within one year of the date of the child’s 18th birthday.  However, because the passage of time often complicates the prosecution of abuse claims, we strongly urge that an experienced child abuse attorney be contacted promptly after the abuse is discovered.

Our firm has represented children who have suffered abuse at the hands of others.  We offer a free consultation in these cases and, in the case has merit, will accept representation on a contingent fee basis.


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