Calling An Injury Lawyer Too Late Can Destroy Your Case

Twice in the last couple of weeks I have had to turn away potential Tennessee personal injury clients because they called me too late.

People do not contact a personal injury attorney promptly after an accident for several different reasons.  Some think that the injury they have is minor or temporary.  Others believe the insurance adjuster when he or she says that they will be fair.  Still others think that they can avoid an expense of a lawyer by taking care of their claim by themselves.

Candidly, there are some personal injury cases where you will not benefit from the help of a lawyer.  At our firm, we tell many people every year that we do not think that they would benefit from our ongoing assistance and that they would be better served handling the matter on their own.   

But there are many other cases where people wait to contact a lawyer and either (a) make errors that adversely  impact their case and / or (b) fail to secure information an d evidence  that ends up harming their case.   And, even more tragically, some wait so long that they miss the deadline for taking legal action or call a lawyer so late that he or she cannot accept representation.  

Our recommendation is this:  if you have been involved in any sort of incident where you have been injured and you believe another person or business is at fault, call an experienced personal injury lawyer and seek a free consultation.  Obviously, we would prefer that you call us at the Law Offices of John Day, P.C., but at a minimum call someone who has substantial experience and get an understanding of your rights.  

We believe our Legal Consumer Guide titled "Understanding How to Hire a Lawyer in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases" and our other Legal Consumer Guides will also provide some assistance, but are no substitute for talking with us about your case.


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