BR Goodrich and Uniroyal Tires Recalled – Risk of Tire Separation

BF Goodrich and Uniroyal, part of the Michelin North America tire company, have recalled more than 800,000 tires because of the risk of tire tread belt separation.

The voluntary safety recall occurred after quality-control workers noticed a report in problems with the tire  – some 150 tires were reported to have problems.  The tires were produced between April 2010 and the end of July 2012.

The tires being recalled are BR Goodrich commercial tires LT235/85 and LT245/75 and Uniroyal Laredo tires LT235/56 and LT245/75.  The tires are typically used in commercial light trucks and full-sized heavy duty vans.

If you have these tires on your vehicle call 800-637-5627 or visit or  The tires will be replaced free of charge.  

Tire tread belt separation in defective tires typically occurs at high speeds and can result in the loss of control of the vehicle.  This risk of crash is greater with this type of defect than is the risk of crash following a tire puncture.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a crash that you believe was a result of tire tread separation or other tire failure, it is essential that you secure the vehicle and the tires on the vehicle.  Do not let these items get out of your control!  It is also important that you contact a lawyer as promptly as you can so that physical evidence at the scene of the wreck can be appropriately documented and witnesses can be interviewed.  

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